We bring 30 years of healthcare experience and a unique perspective and skill set to projects.  We are strategic, analytic, creative and practical.  Working across providers, health plans, employers, benefits consultants and healthcare technology companies we have a broad and balanced perspective of the market.

Product Strategy:  Marketing strategies, go-to-market plans, product market fit

Customer Value:  Improving customer value thru design and execution.

Workflow & Technology:  Guiding products to integrate into customer workflows and deliver impact.

Research and Analytics: We analyze available data (market, claims, sales), fill gaps with research, and distill findings.

We get right to business, and ask hard questions about your prospective customer and your value claims. We challenge your assumptions about the market and gleam valuable insights from customer feedback.  We help health plans develop strategies for new lines of business, guide providers to excel at managed care, help health benefits companies develop programs for population health, and help healthcare technology companies to achieve product market fit.

can we help you?

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