Venture Acceleration

Categories: 09 Sep 2013

Consider assessing and improving Sales Execution, Strategic Marketing, Commercialization and Business Development together.  Each relates to product, market and customers, and with synergy accelerates the success of the venture and unveils paths to explore. Ventures rarely develop product without a plan, but those same engineering minds can underestimate what it take to commercialize a product.

Each venture is unique, and it takes a level of emersion and teamwork to appreciate how the market values a product and embraces the ventures mission.  Since Company is early in generating revenue, and positioning your product, part of the work will be to test and validate market niche, ideal prospects, perceived value (whole product & brand development) and to decompose the sales process.  Much of that work is done working inside the venture, working with prospects and testing concepts within the industry.

While ventures welcome getting things right immediately, customers and markets shape ventures.  Having sales and marketing leadership experience with early stage ventures through publicly traded businesses has provided valuable perspective.  Later stage companies and mature products typically are serving defined markets and companies have budgeted for purchases.  While those ventures are developing demand for their products they are often servicing demand. Earlier stage technology ventures typically need to develop demand for their offering, with buyers who are early adopters.  Product positioning, company positioning, sales talent needed, and ideal customer profile need to align to gain traction with customers.

Thoughtfully establishing your niche, brand and value, and acquiring strategic initial customers who excel at using your offering can put your venture on a successful foundation.   Where possible initial customers should have reference value and help develop the ventures niche/brand, or the venture can lose valuable time and market momentum.

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