Affordable Health

Categories: 09 Sep 2013

Improving health affordability is possible and necessary.  Working with managed care health plans, multi-employer groups and health ventures we develop data driven strategies and next generation health products.

Our programs create value by uncovering and reducing risk, reducing demand for low value health services, and aligning incentives.


We help stakeholders bend the trend by reducing risk and waste. Each stakeholder has unique levers for managing population and medical service area.  Armed with deep healthcare knowledge, and a closed-loop refinement process we deliver better health at lower cost. We excel at engaging members and providers in actions that impact member health and your cost.

Lew Altman Consulting navigates the complexity of healthcare and impacts health cost drivers using proven processes:

  • Isolate root causes of cost increases
  • Identify actionable opportunities
  • Develop, deploy and manage right sized programs
  • Monitor progress and refine to optimize outcomes


Employers are uniquely positioned and incented to manage health cost drivers.  Through leadership, culture development, well designed incentives, aligned plan designs and effective communication employers engage employees and their dependents as stakeholders in owning their health and reducing costs.  Employers have percent of premium levers, incentives and other currency to create rewards for actions that reduce cost.

Employees and providers are often insulated from seeing and feeling the cost of health care procedures.  Unveiling price and quality and right placed incentives can materially impact demand for health services.


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