Affordable Health

Improving health affordability is possible and necessary.  Working with managed care health plans, employers, benefit consultants and health ventures we develop data driven strategies and next generation health products.

Our programs create value by uncovering and reducing risk, reducing demand for low value health services, and aligning incentives.

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Strategy Consulting

The health industry is undergoing transformation.  We guide company and product teams to next generation offerings.  Eleven years of strategic consulting experience coupled with twelve years venture leadership contributes to building practical strategies that are market ready.  We balance payer, provider, employer, and consumer perspectives.  Developing, growing and successfully exiting early stage ventures provided valuable lessons about seeing and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.  Working with multi-billion dollar businesses and managing revenue for publicly traded companies taught the value of planning, prioritization, process quality and meaningful performance metrics. Read more →

Venture Acceleration

We work with ventures to execute plans and to develop strategies. Combining market insights and venture experience we help ventures identify and overcome challenges. We look at Sales Execution, Strategic Marketing, Commercialization and Business Development together.  Each relates to product, market and customers, and with synergy accelerates the success of the venture and unveils paths to explore. Ventures rarely develop product without a plan, but those same engineering minds can underestimate what it take to commercialize a product. Read more →

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