Tackling healthcare affordability

Can we have better conversations about health care affordability?  Ideally data driven conversations that filter out stakeholder biased agendas, and tackle the underlying drivers of healthcare affordability.  Working across providers, health plans and employers at the claims level and as a consumer and caregiver who pays insurance premiums and claims helps to shape a balanced perspective.  Within each of those arenas we have found ways to incrementally reduce costs, however the healthcare cost trend continues to climb.  In the individual and family health insurance market the Washington DC political rhetoric and actions are materially driving premiums up, and are a distraction to productive discussions about reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

  • Achieving the IHI “Triple Aim”:
    Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost of health care.
  • Win and Retain Market Share by Managing Care:
    With a variety of delegated risk models and increased price pressure on premiums, providers who excel at managing care, identifying early triggers and cost-effectively managing population health will position themselves to win as the industry transforms.
  • Optimize Care Channeling:
    With consumers having higher co-payments, primary care has added motivation to get patients to cost effective providers.  The fallout if they don’t is patient adherence, or unpaid re-work when the patient circles back to ask for a different referral due to cost.
  • Data Informed Programs:
    With the evolution of technologies, once the data reveals an opportunity we can typically isolate how to make that opportunity actionable, and thru which stakeholders.
Author: lewaltman
Lew Altman is managing partner of Lew Altman Consulting, where he works on product market fit, and business development strategy. He led sales and marketing teams for 15 years, and has been a strategy consultant for 10 years.

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