Triage to make today’s and future sales goals

Business leaders have to balance how they will achieve this quarters revenue goals, and to keep the company positioned for continued success.  When you hit challenging times the art is to isolate and understand what’s happening, and what actions to take.  During challenging times, focusing on making a quarter usually is a priority.  However if you don’t put energy on product market fit issues how will future quarters fare?

As a business leader I lived through those challenges, and I welcome partnering with you to triage sales and marketing challenges and to identify near term actions and actions that will position you for continued success.

We bring unique combination of sales, marketing and product talents to projects, and partner with you to divide and tackle challenges.

  • Funnel and sales process:
    An analysis of funnels and sales process often reveals insights about what’s changed or what assumptions to challenge.
  • Current quarter triage:
    The pressures of a quarter won’t go away.  We will work with you on where to focus, how to reduce risk, and how to supplement your efforts.
  • Sales process, marketing and product triage:
    Our analysis of sales process, and customer value achieved often reveals product market fit opportunities for improvement.  We will recommend actions to take.
  • Closing the loop:
    We will develop reporting to help you measure improvement, and to capture market feedback to help you to optimize sales process and product market fit.
Author: lewaltman
Lew Altman is managing partner of Lew Altman Consulting, where he works on product market fit, and business development strategy. He led sales and marketing teams for 15 years, and has been a strategy consultant for 10 years.

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